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Looking Back: 2014 K.O. Lee Adult Day Health Center Opens

Our Bethesda Aberdeen Story began in December of 1969. Around the family Christmas tree in December of 1969, kids were opening up gifts from Santa such as Silly String, Big Wheels and Nerf Balls.

On the healthcare front, care options for seniors were also undergoing cultural adjustments to provide senior long term care opportunities outside of the traditional family setting. Bethesda Home opened its doors in 1969 as a skilled nursing care facility on a 22-acre campus in Aberdeen.

The K.O. Lee Adult Day Health Center at Bethesda opened in November, 2014 to provide a flexible care option to allow individuals to stay in their home environment longer. Our team provides on-site health care which includes medication management, rehabilitaton therapies and warm water therapy.
With a focus on healthy living, our exercise programs are designed to maintain and increase strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Adult Day is designed for senior clients to enjoy social interaction and recreational activities in a safe and supportive environment weekdays (8 am -5 pm) while a primary caregiver may be at work or runs an errand.