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COVID-19: Bethesda Policy & Procedural Updates (5/20)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Bethesda Aberdeen Update (5/20/20)

To Our Family and Friends of Bethesda:

Bethesda knows and understands how hard this time has been for everyone involved.  Many of our staff have loved ones in other facilities across the State and even other States and are not allowed to visit.  We have been entrusted to take care of the most vulnerable population affected by this virus.  This is something we do not take lightly.

As we see the Governor’s “Back to Normal” plan and Aberdeen’s “Opening Back Up” plan, here at Bethesda (and other long-term care facilities) we are far from “opening back up”.  In fact, each day it seems we have more regulatory recommendations put on our facilities.  Long-term care facilities across the United States are being held to a different standard set forth by Centers for Medicare Medicaid (CMS), CDC, and State Health Departments.

Currently, we are still under the order of “no visitors” of non-essential workers.  We are completing Doctor rounds via, Skype, Facetime, Zoom and Avera Now to help safeguard our residents.  We have not been given a time frame of “Normal Business”as of last week due to issues at other Long-term Care facilities across the United States. We are now required (Bethesda already had a system in place) to inform all residents and a family member within 12 hours of a positive COVID-19 test result and/or if 3 or more residents or staff have a significant respiratory illnesses within a 72 hour time frame.  This new requirement requires facilities to report also on PPE (personal protective equipment), census, access to testing, staffing shortages, ventilator availability and any COVID-19 deaths.  Early on the Federal Government put out a memo to healthcare facilities that it was patient care over paperwork, unfortunately we have not seen this come true.

Again, at this time visitors will not be allowed to enter the building on this special day.  That will not stop us from celebrating, we still have multiple ways of keeping our “Mothers” connected with their love ones.  Bethesda has Facetime, WhatsApp, cordless phones, and even window visits.

If your loved one is in a courtyard (nursing home) or second story (Towne Square) we have options to make these window visits happen.  These services are not just for Mother’s Day, we can accommodate these visits any day or week.  If you would like to set up a video visit, please contact the Activities Department at 605-225-7580.  Soon through a grant we will be receiving four additional I-pads for our residents to use.

In closing, please know how serious we are in keeping not only our residents safe, but also those who are taking care of your loved ones.  Together we can help minimize the risk to our Bethesda Family.

We miss all of you!!!!

Scott Eisenbeisz

Continue to watch Facebook and our website at https://aberdeenbethesda.org/ for updates about Bethesda Policy and Procedures.

For more information on COVID-19: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html