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Welcome to Past Thymes at Bethesda Home







Residents and guests were recently welcomed into the newly renovated dining room at Bethesda Home. This newly renovated dining area has been renamed . . . Past Thymes.

“Resident engagement is key to creating a more pleasing culinary experience. The newly restructured dining room is designed to feel like home,” stated Pam Miller, Co-Director of Culinary Services.

From soothing colors tones with chic country décor, to the introduction of linen table cloths and napkins to classic white ceramic dinner ware, no detail was too small in this renovation.

The culinary staff also has a new look featuring sharp looking teal colored uniforms off set with black hats and pants.

Amanda Swearingen, Co-Director of Culinary Services added, “The opportunity to gather together around a meal in a comfortable setting is key for any family; including our resident family at Bethesda Home.”