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Communication Updates for Our Bethesda Families

Dear Families:

As we continue to work through COVID-19 processes, we as a facility have a few items that we need your assistance with.

It brightens your loved one’s day when you bring treats or drop of other needed items; however, due to the recent volume of these deliveries, we are needing to change our policy.

If you need to drop off any items or treats for your family member, please call the facility ahead of time at 605-225-7580 and let a staff member know what you will be dropping off.  Please make sure that these items are labeled with the resident’s name and if necessary, in appropriate packaging.  Our staff will check for items left on the designated table in our entryway as often as needed.  Also, it would be extremely helpful to our evening and weekend staff if you could arrange to drop your items off Mondays through Fridays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Our window visits have been extremely successful.  If you would like to arrange one and will be needing assistance with the visit, we kindly ask that you call ahead to set up a time with our staff.  We can then accommodate everyone in a timely manner and our staff can have your loved one ready so the visit can be successful. This will also help us coordinate locations if the resident has a room facing the courtyard.

In addition to the window visits we are also seeing an increase in our phone call visits between residents and family.  I am happy to announce that we now have a wipeable headset for the residents to use for these visits.  When you are calling to speak with your loved one, please understand that we may need to call you back once we have the resident available as well as have a cordless phone available to use for your conversation.

Please assist us in sharing this information with all your family members!  (We have also emailed the information to the the main contact listed for each resident.)

Again, we appreciate all you do as families here at Bethesda and appreciate your patience while we work to find ways to stay connected.  CMS is working on a strategy for allowing visitors again and even though we do not have a time frame, we will communicate information to you as soon as it becomes available to us.


Scott and Staff at Bethesda