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Bethesda One Call


Bethesda One Call Now

Bethesda has teamed up with One Call Now to help improve our communications with family, tenants, and employees.  Bethesda One Call will allow communication to happen in real time for reminders, events, changes in events, or emergencies.  The system will allow text, calls, or emails; however, Bethesda has chosen to use the phone call option at this time.  Bethesda feels that phone will be the quickest way to communicate as we can send messages to either a cell phone or a land line phone.

Who is on the Call List?

  • Bethesda Home: Up to three family member/contacts.  Residents will not receive any calls.
  • Bethesda Towne Square: Up to three family member/contacts.  Residents will not receive any calls.
  • Parkside: Tenants (unless Tenant has a responsible party).  If tenant would like to add two additional family members/contacts, the tenant can contact the business office.

How does it work? 

We have two options:

  • Recording a live voice
  • Type to speak (automated voice) Most likely it will be the automated voice that you will be hearing in the message.

How do I know it is from Bethesda?

  • You will receive a call from the following number: 1-877-698-3261 (We suggest you add this number to your contacts in your phone as Bethesda One Call)
  • We will always identify who the message is from and that we represent Bethesda

What time of the day will I receive calls?

  • All routine communications will occur M-F between 8 am and 5 pm
  • Emergency or urgent communications could occur 24 hours a day

Can I opt out of getting calls?

  • Bethesda Home and Bethesda Towne Square:
    • Yes, if you do not want to receive calls as a family member you can contact the business office during normal hours and your name can be remove. We will require at least one family member on the call list.  If you need to add or delete contacts, please call the business office during normal hours.
  • Parkside:
    • No, we will require tenants to be on the list

Please remember if you change phone numbers or want a different phone number listed, please contact the business office during normal business hours.